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September Utility Bill – Primacy Fee

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources Primacy Fee will be appearing on the September Utility Bills

The Missouri Primacy Fee is a user fee paid by the customers of Missouri’s community public water supply systems and provides support for the department’s efforts to ensure Missourians are provided water that is safe to drink. The annual fee is based on the size of the connection.

For more information on the Missouri Primacy Fee, please click on the link below.

Primacy Fee

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Lost and Found

The following items were found in a backyard on Wiggins Drive in Pevely.  Due to the items being custom painted we believe they have sentimental value to the owner.  If you are the owner or know who they may belong to, please contact the Pevely Police Department.


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PPD In The News

Jefferson County law enforcement and emergency services supporting each other

JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – People are noticing something different about police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances across Jefferson County.  Thin red and blue stripes are now part of the designs on the vehicles.

It started with blue stripes on Crystal City fire trucks.

Now there are red stripes on Pevely police cars and more.

In the wake of police coming under fire in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and Ballwin, those stripes carry a message.

You may not notice it at first when a Pevely police cruiser passes but eventually that thin red line at the top of the windshield becomes hard to miss.

That’s kind of the idea.

“We wanted to bring attention to them,” said Pevely Police Sgt. Kyle Weiss.

The thin red lines are there in support of EMS and firefighters. They are a response the thin blue lines that have been popping up on fire trucks and ambulances.

Capt. Patrick Friedmeyer/Crystal City Fire Departmentt:  “I thought, you know why don’t the fire departments start this,” said Crystal City Fire Captain, Patrick Friedmeyer.  “We take of our police any time they need it.  They take very good care of us and they’re never told ‘thank you’ enough.”

Sgt. Kyle weiss/pevely police:  “The thin blue line represents law and order and chaos.  We are the thin blue line that separates those two things,” Weiss.

Likewise, fire-fighters were often the thin red line between life and death, he said.

His sister is a Manchester Police Officer.

It means a lot to see those stripes these days.

“She was one of the first officers on the scene of the Ballwin shooting,” Weiss said.  “She was there when the suspect was apprehended.  So, it does hit home, that that’s my little sister up there.  So yeah every day on this job you never know what to expect or what you may encounter.”

“Every time we roll the blue lines on there,” Friedmeyer said.

High Ridge and Joachim-Plattin vehicles are also sporting thin blue lines.

Police and firefighters don’t want this to just be a police and firefighter “thing”.

The support they’ve been getting from the public shows that certainly is not the case.

Credit – Fox 2 News KTVI

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New Business Ground Breaking

The City of Pevely would like to welcome Deuster Electric Inc. to the City, and congratulate Breve Coffee on their planned expansion.  Both businesses will be located in the Mason Circle Industrial Park. 



Deuster Electric Inc.

logo image3

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Grand Re-Opening of Entrance Ramp

downloadRibbon Cutting of Grand Re-Opening of Entrance Ramp to Northbound 55 in Pevely

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