City of Pevely – Boil Order LIFTED

//City of Pevely – Boil Order LIFTED

City of Pevely – Boil Order

**Please NOTE: The boil order was lifted on 3/2/18 at 3:00 PM.**

Tuesday 2-27-18 thru Friday 3-2-18

A boil water order has been issued for COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS at 8750 and 8800 Pevely Industrial Drive which includes United Engineering and Heizer Aerospace. This boil order also includes the City buildings in Pevely Industrial Park.


Please boil any water used for consumption, drinking, and cooking, etc. Water is okay for cleaning and bathing. It is recommended that if you have lost water pressure or water service in the last twenty-four hours that you boil your water. Please do not forget to run the water to release all air in the lines after boil order is rescinded.

If you have any questions, please contact the City of Pevely Utilities department at 636-475-4452. Thank you, City of Pevely Utilities.


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