The code enforcement/building department covers a number of areas that affect the everyday lives of the residents of Pevely.

Whether it is a new home in a new subdivision, or an existing home in “Old Town,” the department oversees all construction activities to ensure proper compliance with the building codes adopted by the Board of Aldermen.

Code enforcement oversight covers new building construction, storm water detention, soil compaction, solid waste complaints, high weeds, zoning issues, and much more.

The department works closely with homeowners, subdivision developers, realtors, federal and state agencies, police and fire districts, county departments, citizen representatives, and others, to ensure a safe and healthy living environment.

Please contact us with any questions you have about construction, zoning, subdivision development, the floodplain, property maintenance, etc.


Building Official                                                                  Code Enforcement Officer

Adam Mitchell                                                                    Adam Schmidt

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For a list of Building Code Ordinances, click here.

Permit Forms can be found Here!!

Pevely Zoning Map

Pevely Redevelopment Map


  • Building Construction

  • Solid Waste Management

  • Property Maintenance

  • Floodplain Management

  • Subdivision Development

  • Zoning Regulations

  • High Grass/Weeds

  • Nuisances

  • Signage Regulations

  • Storm Water Control

  • Plan Review

  • Planning


What kinds of projects require a permit?
The following projects require a permit from the City of Pevely:

  • Deck

  • Shed

  • Pool

  • Fence

  • Blasting

  • Driveway

  • New Home

  • Room Addition

  • Property Excavation

  • Detached Garage/Workshop

  • Retaining Wall (Over 4 ft. high)

  • Mobile Home Installation/Moving

  • Interior Remodel (Basement included)

  • And More

How do I install a pool?
Please download this handout for information about pool installation.
Minimum Permit cost is $50.00.

What are the regulations about a deck?
Please download this handout for information about deck regulations.
Minimum Permit cost is $50.00.

What about a shed? Where can I put it, what kind, how big?
Sheds are regulated by two sections of the Code of Ordinances: The ICC/IRC Building Code and Zoning Code.

A shed must be constructed safely and anchored to the ground. The building code requires that it be built to withstand 90 mph winds and a snow load of 20 lbs. for the roof.

Sheds 160 sq. ft. and under can be set on the ground, on a concrete pad, or attached to posts as long as it is anchored to the yard. Permits for these sheds are generally $40.00. Sheds over 160 sq. ft. must be placed on a footing/foundation (frost wall) system. Permits for the bigger sheds will be based on their square footage (minimum amount $40.00).

As an accessory structure, the zoning code requires a shed to be a minimum of 6 ft. from the property line and 10 feet from the house. If the shed is closer than 10 feet from the house then the setbacks are those that are applied to the house which are generally more than 6 ft. from a property line (depends on the subdivision).

Individual subdivision regulations may be more restrictive than the city codes so please check with your property owners association prior to obtaining a permit.

What are the requirements for installing a mobile home?
Please download this handout for information about mobile home installation.

What are the requirements for demolition?
Please download this handout for information about demolition.

How do I contact the Dunklin Fire District for my project?

Dunklin Fire District
Brad Williams – Fire Marshal
1987 Highway Z
Pevely, MO  63070