Conserve Water Warning – LIFTED

//Conserve Water Warning – LIFTED

The Hunters Glen well has been replaced and it is up and running. There should be no further issues moving forward and the conserve water warning has been lifted. Please contact City Hall at 636-475-4452 if you have any questions. 



City of Pevely – Conserve Water Warning

Monday 4-23-18 until Tuesday 4-24-18 (Lifted on 4-25-18)

A Conserve Water Order has been issued for all residents in the Hunters Glen, Barnhart MO, subdivision.

Please conserve any excess water use, watering lawns, washing cars or laundry while the Hunters Glen’s water well is down for repairs.

If you have any questions, please contact the City of Pevely, Utilities department at 636-475-4452.

Thank you,

City of Pevely

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