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CourtroomPevely Municipal Court
401 Main St
Pevely, MO 63070
(636) 475-3355
FAX: (636) 475-4116

Hours of Operation

8:00 AM – 4:30PM, Monday through Friday



Steven Davis

Prosecuting Attorney
Tom Duggan

Court Administrator:

Court Clerk - Dana Gassel

             Court Clerk – Dana Gassel

General Information
Some traffic violations MAY be paid through the violations bureau (see schedule of fines below). IF the violation does not appear on this schedule, a Court appearance will be necessary.

Ages 17 and under, appearance is required by defendants and parents.

On ALL DWI’s, appearance is required and IF you have an attorney, the attorney is required to appear.


Attorney’s Entering For Defendants
If any attorney has access to the Internet, we have a website that the attorney can enter their appearance and request a recommendation via the Internet.

An attorney my enter their appearance by forwarding a typed entry and any requests to the Pevely Municipal Court at the above address. Please include a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE).

**Effective January 1, 2015 – all entries are preferred to be made by**

Paying for Tickets
Pevely Municipal Court is now accepting Credit Cards and Debit Cards. You can also pay your ticket online at (Note: It could take at least 3 working days for your ticket to appear, not all tickets are payable online. Please check your ticket number to see if you can pay. If there is still a problem please call the court at 636-475-3355).

Schedule of Fines

PURSUANT TO THE MISSOURI STATE STATUE 479.050, Rule 37.49 of the STATE OF MISSOURI, and Section 300.010 of the Code of the City of Pevely, the undersigned Municipal Judge OF PEVELY DOES hereby designate the following offenses to be payable through the Pevely Court Violation Bureau. Any violation resulting in personal injury or involved in an ACCIDENT MUST appear in court. POINTS may be assessed on your driving record by the Department of Revenue as they are reported for assessment.

Construction/Work Zone without workers present: 1st Offense add $35.00, 2nd Offense add $75.00.

Construction/Work Zone with workers present: 1st Offense add $250.00, 2nd Offense add $300.00.

Travel Safe Zone – fines are doubled, please call the court for the exact fine amount.
Non-Construction Zone

Miles over Limit Total Amount
10 $99.50
11 $104.50
12 $109.50
13 $114.50
14 $119.50
15 $124.50
16 $144.50
17 $154.50
18 $164.50
19 $174.50
20 $184.50












The following violations may also be paid out of court.

Violation – Traffic Total Amount
Drive Around Barricade / Railroad Arms $124.50
Driving Off Roadway / Closed Road $177.00
Driving without Headlights / One Headlight $149.50
Excessive Vehicle Noise $124.50
Failed to Secure a Load $177.00
Failed to Signal / No Turn Signal $149.50
Failed to Yield (accident involved) COURT APPEARANCE REQUIRED
Failed to Yield (non-accident) $177.00
Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle $177.00
Following to Close (accident involved) COURT APPEARANCE REQUIRED
Following to Close (non-accident) $177.00
Improper Lane Usage / Improper Passing $149.50
No Headlights / Fail to Dim Headlights $149.50
No Proof of Insurance $177.00
Not Motorcycle Qualified $149.50
Obstructing a Funeral Procession $124.50
Passing a Stopped School Bus $250.00
Stop Sign / Electric Signal $149.50


Violation – Non-Traffic Total Amount
Animal – At Large / Registration (1st Offense) $74.50
Animal – At Large / Registration (2nd Offense) COURT APPEARANCE REQUIRED
Child Restraint $74.50
Defective Equipment (muffler, brakes, etc) $124.50
Expired Plates / Expired Temp Tag $124.50
Failed to Register Motor Vehicle $124.50
No Brake Lights $124.50
No Front Plate / Improper Plates $124.50
No Inspection $124.50
No Protective Headgear $49.50
No Smoking on City Property (1st offense) $49.50
No Smoking on City Property (2nd offense) $49.50
Parking – Handicap Parking Violation $177.00
Parking – No Parking Zone $124.50
Parking – Parked in a Fire Lane $177.00
Parking – Parked Wrongway on One-Way Street $124.50
Plates of Another Vehicle $177.00
Seat Belt $10.00
Weather Conditions: No Headlights on when Wipers in use $10.00

No Proof of Insurance with no accident involved are dismissed upon proof of insurance at the time of incident.

Verify amount of the fine with the court clerks PRIOR to sending payment. Please send check, money order or certified check. Please do not send cash through the mail. Credit cards accepted, however a $4.00 processing fee will apply. Fines can also be paid at
So Ordered: Steven M. Davis/s/, Municipal Judge

Any questions, contact the court clerks at (636) 475-3355 or (636) 475-3326.