Attorney Information

Attorneys who wish to enter on a case in the Pevely Municipal Court must do so
in writing and including a Missouri Bar Number.  After entering your appearance,
you may then request discovery or file any other type of motion that would
pertain to your case with the Prosecuting Attorney.  If you wish to ask for a
recommendation from the prosecutor, pleases check the link for
recommendations. You may fax your entry but the request to the prosecutor
MUST include a self-addressed stamped envelope so he will NOT accept them by
fax. Send the original entry with a SASE through the mail for a recommendation.
For faxed entries (to the court), the fax number is (636) 475-4116.



ALL recommendations requests should be sent to the Prosecuting Attorney,
Thomas P Duggan, Jr., 401 Main St. Pevely, MO. 63070

An Entry of Appearance must also be filed with the Court and must have the
attorney’s bar number on it.  This may be done by mail or though  If filed through the mail, the attorney shall also include
a separate letter asking that the prosecutor to make an initial offer of
recommendation on the case.  The attorney
MUST also include a self-addressed
stamped envelope for the response.  The entry of appearance may be faxed to
the Court, but the request for recommendation to the prosecutor
MUST include a
self-addressed stamped envelope.  They will NOT be accepted by fax.

If entering on a case via the recommendation offer will
be done through the website and no envelope is required.

With a mail entry as well as LawSourceLive, all four signature lines MUST be
signed by all parties involved before the recommendation will be accepted by the


If the case involves a police report, a motion for discovery may be filed with the
prosecutor either by mail or through the website.  IF requesting discovery via
website, a self-addressed stamped envelope with proper postage MUST be sent
to the PA’s office for return of discovery as well as by requesting discovery by

If the ticket was a result of an vehicle accident, an insurance letter needs to be
included stating that the insurance company is handling all liability from this
accident.  If using the website, all documents may be downloaded and attached
to the original entry.  The prosecutor does not require driving records, but he will
require insurance proof if the defendant is charged with a No Proof of Insurance


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The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office direct line is: 636-224-9124